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President/CEO/Financial Insurance Professional

At Trinity Financial, Ken not only oversees the company but also works closely with clients to help them secure their retirement income. He hosts financial seminars in hopes to glean more knowledge unto our clients about various topics centered on financial matters. Ken has been successful in creating a personal but consultative approach to service delivery. He sees the importance in client education and makes it a company value to not only ensure that our clients fully understand their financial situation but also feel comfortable with the strategies implemented to help ensure a comfortable retirement being in the hands of Trinity Financial.



“My overall objective with our clients is to keep them as engaged with this process as possible. At Trinity Financial, we believe that specialized education is the key to unlock the knowledge to gain the wisdom to make your own decision regarding your financial situation. When founding this company, it was my intention to deliver honest results to our clients at no cost to them. I strongly believe that is our duty to give our clients financial peace of mind, assuring them that they will have their retirement income until death, while providing a wealth of information to help them make one of the most important decisions they'll have to make for the future of their family's financial security.”



From studying Business and Finance from Indiana University, Ken’s wheels were always working — creating new and innovative business ideas. His entrepreneurial mindset allowed him to turn these ideas into a reality. Prior to founding Trinity Financial, Ken had a multitude of successful businesses, including a retail jewelry store chain, his own property and casualty insurance agencies, a construction company, and even some small restaurants. Over his 35 years of being an entrepreneur and managing finances, Ken really understood what it was like to build something from the ground up. He realized he had a wealth of knowledge about insurance and financial security and was eager to share it — thus the inspiration and creation of Trinity Financial. Ken is insurance licensed in Annuities, Life, Long-term Care, Health, Property and Casualty, Commercial, and Medicare. Through Ken’s years of entrepreneurial experience, he knows the importance of having a well-versed and highly skilled team behind him.


Ken is a family man, who believes in the Golden Rule, that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you allows him to develop a financial strategy that he would follow. Aside from spending his spare time with his wife and five children, Ken enjoys being involved with and giving back to his community. He is a part of the Elks Club, Chamber of Commerce, Pastoral Counsel at his church, a member of the Knights of Columbus with the highest degree in the fraternity, and donates to numerous charities around the United States. The devotion to his family and community provides a needed perspective for his role in the business community as a trustworthy and accountable businessman who thoroughly enjoys helping his clients preserve and grow their financial assets, while allowing them to enjoy the things that matter most in life.



There are many financial products in the market, and so choosing the ones that can help meet an individual client’s needs can be complicated. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, every strategy we craft is tailor-made to help meet your financial needs and goals.  We are committed to providing a high level of service that stands apart from the rest.



Our staff consists of experienced professionals with a “hands” on approach to financial guidance. Not only will you find our team members knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about helping make your dreams a reality.



Here are some useful resources to help you on your financial journey.    Click on one of the links below to access additional tools to help put the pieces together.